Contemporary, Stylish Make-up that Stands Out from the Crowd

Welcome to Dil Matharu’s website. You’ve found one of London’s leading makeup artists. Dil brings his unique style and vision to hair and makeup for women who want to stand out from the crowd. Taking inspiration from your personality, preferences and favourite trends, Dil will create a truly magical look that’ll leave you speechless. Whether you want to turn heads on the street, develop a signature look for your publication, or make sure you look perfect on the biggest day of your life, Dil Matharu will be delighted to make your dream look a reality.

Dil Helps You Set the Trend

If you have a set look in mind, Dil is constantly keeping up with the latest fashions to ensure that every single seasonal trend can be delivered in Dil’s hallmark style. But that’s not all he can do for you. Dil is equally at home creating a timeless, traditional look as he is helping you to start and define the next trend to sweep the city. No matter what you prefer, with Dil you are always guaranteed to be noticed.

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Booking Dil Matharu is the best decision you’ll ever make. His service is about style, luxury and unbeatable perfection. Your perfect look is just an appointment away.